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Frequently Asked Questions

1How big is an InstaSplash Splash Pad?
As big as you want! Its modular design allows you to pick the size. A small Splash Pad requires a footprint of twenty feet by twenty feet, which includes the 12’ by 12’ play surface surrounded by 4' ramps. If you just ramp one end, then you can save some space. A large Splash Pad can require a 24’ by 32’ footprint.
2How long does a Splash Pad last?
There are warranties on all the parts. The play modules are made out of very strong plastic, impervious to weather and pool water. All pumps come with warranties. The water containment liner comes with a 20 year warranty. The hoses have a lifetime warranty. Everything is designed to be outside and running all the time.
3Is maintenance required?
Yes! The water containment system is a shallow, above ground, swimming pool. It must be monitored for the correct PH and chlorine levels, just as with any standing body of water. Pump filter baskets must be emptied periodically and chlorine tablets added weekly. This can be done by the customer or ny contract with a local pool company. In locations where freezing is an issue, customers will find it very easy to drain the pumps of water for winterizing.
4Can I move my InstaSplash Splash Pad if I need to in the future?
Yes, our Splash Pads are designed to be easy to move around. Of course, easy is a relative term. There will definitely be disassembling and reassembling. Fortunately, the only tool required is a screwdriver.
5Can my Splash Pad be repaired?
Yes. The parts that can break through normal wear-and-tear are all off-the-shelf hoses, pipes, and fittings. Any pool company, plumber, or landscape irrigation company could easily repair anything that might break. Instasplash's technicians or its authorized dealers can also come out for repairs.
6Do the Splash Pads come in different colors?
The ramps are made out of resin lumber decking that lasts a lifetime without painting or any maintenance. There are different colors of decking that can be used, though they tend to run towards wood-like colors. The “pad” part of the splash pad is most customizable but going past the standard blue surface does add expense.